Chiswick Locals Lodge Petition Against 'Discriminatory' Paving

Devonshire Road residents ramp up their campaign for 'like with like' paving


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More than 97% of total residents living in the heavily-residential middle part of Devonshire Road signed a new petition at the weekend, the second from residents in the road in two weeks, calling on Hounslow Council to use paving stones to resurface all, not some, pavements instead of tarmac. The petition was deposited Monday at the Council which is due to respond within 14 days.

A week before, residents further down Devonshire Road from 172-196 sent their petition with bearing 65 signatures also calling on for Hounslow Council to use paving stones not tarmac on pavements along their stretch.

Devonshire Road residents are furious that the Council appears to have adopted a discriminatory attitude in paving some pavements in Devonshire Road with paving stones and others in the road with tarmac.

Councillor John Todd raised the matter recently and said that there was no reason why tarmac should be used at one end of the street while the rest of the street had paving.

This new petition contains 68 signatures from residents in some 70 residences in this stretch of Devonshire Road, and requests Hounslow Council :

“1.To halt the present laying of tarmac on pavements on Devonshire Road and remove it from where it is already laid.
2. To lay paving stones not tarmac on all pavements on Devonshire Road to ensure paving of these pavements remains consistent throughout this road. ”

The petition is from people living from 48 to 98 and from 35 to 105, down from the well-paved shopping area to the Duke of York pub. Other residents (who were not available to sign the petition at the weekend) say they definitely want to sign and may forward to the council their request to be added to the petition, which would increase the signature count to 71.

The situation is reminiscent of the 'paving' war that broke out some years when Hounslow Council started to use asphalt as a cheaper option for repairing pavements. Several streets in Chiswick, starting with Dukes Avenue and surrounding streets, successfully fought to have paving stones.

November 2, 2016

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