Council Enforcement Team Crackdown on Fly-Tipping

Landowner ordered to clear up alleyway off Chiswick High Road

Site at Chiswick before action taken


Flats Above Shops In Chiswick Told To 'Clean Up Their Act'

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The landowner of an alleyway off Chiswick High Road has been made to clear up the area which had been a rubbish hotspot as part of a crackdown by Hounslow Council’s enforcement team

Council officers have issued over 450 FPNs [Fixed Penalty Notice] against fly-tippers and other actions of anti-social behaviour over the last month.

In addition, officers also dealt with 192 complaints over noise, 12 odour/smells, 53 abandoned vehicles and 17 illegal bonfires.

The owner of the site in Chiswick was ordered to clear rubbish for a second time and advised to put up a fence, significantly improving the appearance of the alleyway and preventing further fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour.

Similar action has been taken across the borough and the Enforcement team has served several Community Protection Warnings [CPW] for rubbish to be cleared outside some.


Site at Chiswick after action taken

Councillor Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Protection, Hounslow Council, said, “We will continue to come down strong on those who think they can just dump rubbish in our streets and get away with it.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are a resident or not, we won’t stand for it and we will track down those who are responsible. Fly-tipping is an anti-social behaviour that is blighting the lives of our residents and is also costly to the Council to clear up.

“The fines for all the anti-social behaviour served by our enforcement officers represent the fact that we will take the strongest action possible to erase these problems.

“We also need the continuing help of our residents to report fly-tipping, if you see someone dumping rubbish around our borough, let us know and we can then do something about it.”

Report fly-tipping in Hounslow Borough.

September 1, 2017

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