Chiswick meeting firmly against Runway Three at Heathrow

A third runway would probably mean a flightpath directly over Chiswick

Residents and Councillors in Chiswick are firmly against the proposals for a Third Runway at Heathrow, following a well-attended presentation at the latest Chiswick Area Committee. Councillors unanimously rejected the idea of a Third Runway, which could bring a possible flightpath directly over Chiswick High Road, and have backed a campaign to urge the government to approve an alternative option.

Residents also expressed opposition to the idea of thousands more aircraft flying overhead during the day, with many suggesting that all of West London should fight the proposals.

The Chiswick Area Committee is supporting Hounslow Council’s policy that a third runway should not be built and is keen to impress the importance of the issue on Chiswick residents.

Cllr Paul Lynch, Chair of the Chiswick Area Committee, said, “The decision will be made on the basis of the national interest and I strongly advise people to respond on that basis. The government is unlikely to be interested in what we will suffer locally.”

Hounslow Council is consulting residents on whether a Third Runway is acceptable or not. Residents can fill in survey cards, obtainable from all libraries in the borough, or express their views on Hounslow Council's on-line questionnaire.

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