Chiswick woman escapes Lebanon under fire

Local mother on her way home after being caught up in Israeli attacks

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Ryma Clottey


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Chiswick woman Ryma Clottey, who was admitted to a Lebanese hospital after suffering an asthma attack whilst visiting her sister in Nabatiye, is on her way home.

Ms Clottey made the news this week after her desperate bid to get out of Lebanon was highlighted by the media.

Yesterday, Friday 21st July, she was given the news that her holiday from hell was at an end and that she would be amongst the next group of evacuees taken by boat to the nearby island of Cyprus.

Allowed one phone call to her children in Chiswick, she said "Hi guys, I'm coming home to hug you."

Ryma Clottey was in her sister's house in South Lebanon last Sunday afternoon when it was announced residents were being evacuated because of the attacks.  She told the BBC "I can hear bombs. They are bombing us. But I got really frightened and my breathing was affected, and I had an asthma attack. I was rushed to hospital where they gave me an injection to calm me down."

The 41 year old mother of two told how she tried to get through to the British Embassy, but wasn't able to.  "No one is picking up the phone. I've heard some people have been taken away. But I'm the only British person here and I don't know what's happening."

Ms Clottey was taken by bus to Beirut where she boarded a naval ship that took her to Cyprus.  She is expected back in Chiswick this weekend.

July 22, 2006