Gadget Man Arrives With An Army of Robots

And sees youth beating experience at Chiswick Community School


Budding Artists Taken Up Challenge

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On Friday 13th November, Chiswick Community School was delighted to host an exciting afternoon with Jason Bradbury, the Gadget Show presenter on Channel 5. This was enjoyed by the Year Seven Students and their teachers.

Jason Bradbury is familiar to many for his exploits on Channel Five. He brought many of the gadgets and robots seen on his show to demonstrate to the students.

Particular highlights included an actual Land Rover that he controlled via remote from a Playstation 3 console and robots that could function underwater all of which enthralled the students.

Jhenni Izquierdo, Curriculum Support Officer attached to Year 7 said, "The students were amazed, it was like something from a science fiction film."

Excitement reached fever-pitch for the Tri-bot race. Tri-bots are three-wheeled high speed robots, controlled at close range, which engaged in a time-trial course around the school hall.

Reece Farmer in Year 7 narrowly beat Mr Molloy, the curriculum team leader for Science by 38 seconds to 40. Reece is a huge fan of both Jason Bradbury’s books and television appearances, and put his success down to, ‘timing and precision’. So close was the race that he said, "It wasn’t until I crossed the finish line that I realised how well I had done."

Mr Molloy commented that he could not be disappointed that, "youth has beaten experience," and added that, "the whole event has enriched students from more than one perspective, both Science and Literacy."

At the end of his visit, Jason read from his book Called “Dot.Robot” which tells the story of a brilliant young gamer who is recruited by a top-secret organization to pilot their robotic defence force and signed copies for the students. Summing up the experience, Miss Michelle Pilbrow, the Learning Coordinator for Year Seven stated,

"We’d like to thank Mr Bradbury for providing such a fun and educational experience for Year Seven. We read every week in the press about the printed word dying out but this afternoon there were over 200 students at Chiswick Community School really excited by contemporary children’s literature."

November 18, 2009