Chiswick Business Park Teams Up With Local Police

To ensure every school in the area is protected against thieves


Schools In Chiswick

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Chiswick Business Park has teamed up with a local police Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) to ensure every school in the area is protected against thieves.

Enjoy-Work have funded SmartWater kits for all schools in Chiswick, meaning that hi-tech equipment can be uniquely marked and is traceable back to the schools in question.

SmartWater has proven to be an effective deterrent to thieves, and, if marked items are stolen, the unique code in SmartWater means police are quickly able to identify stolen goods, secure good forensic evidence and ensure items are returned quickly.

As well as having the kits and a subscription paid for by Chiswick Park, the Turnham Green police SNT helped out by getting high profile signs made for each school to display.

Sergeant Ben Clark of Turnham Green SNT said "I'm very grateful to Chiswick Park for funding this security measure for our local schools. Whilst incidents of theft and burglary at educational establishments are rare, the distress and disruption that thefts cause can have a knock on effect to teaching and to the safety of staff and pupils.

"By having Smartwater in our schools, we hope to deter criminals who might think schools are a soft target."

Kay Chaston of Chiswick Park said "We are very pleased to help the local police in this initiative. We are keen to promote safe and secure environments where young people can flourish. Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work are always looking to work together to help the local community in Chiswick."

April 15, 2010