Disappointment in English Language Hits Chiswick School GCSEs

School sees first overall dip in results for seven years

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This year 44% of all grades awarded at Chiswick School were at A*/B grades and 73% were achieved at A*/C.

However, there has been disappointment due to the apparent moderating down of English Language results. This led to the first dip in overall performance at the school since 2008.

Eleanor and Silvia Piscitelli got 19 A* between them

Eleanor and Silvia Piscitelli got 19 A* between them

Many students who their English Language teachers felt were working at a specific grade have achieved a whole grade lower. As a result just over two thirds of the school’s year 11 students passed English with a C grade or higher. This masks strong performance in other subjects with 76% getting a C grade or higher in Mathematics and 78% of students passing at least one Science GCSE with grade C or above.

Headteacher Tony Ryan said, “Our English language results, along it would appear, with those at many schools across the country, have been moderated down as a result of this. This is hard to take as our students and their teachers have worked so hard to achieve the right results, have set-up and attended intervention classes and students have repeatedly performed at the higher level in trial examinations. “

He added, “This English Language dip, whilst clearly disappointing, has to be viewed in context of the overall results’ picture. Chiswick students have performed very well across a number of GCSE subject areas. As previously stated; our Maths’ and Science figures are well above national averages, EBacc (Maths, English, Science or/and Computer Science, History or Geography and a language) once again stands above the national average at 25.5%. English Literature achieved an 82% pass rate, History have once again performed at the top end nationally achieving an 86% A*/C pass rate”

He said that the school will be ordering remarks where they feel that the English Language grade awarded does not reflect that student’s ability.

Mr Ryan said, “If you were disappointed with aspects of your performance in the summer exams, I would like to add that these results do not define you as a person; you are more than a set of results and recovery is always possible, although the path to recovery may now need to be different than anticipated.”

Some success stories from the results include:

Eleanor Piscitelli 10 A*/B (inc 7A*/A)
Silvia Piscitelli 9A*/B (inc 6A*/A)
Danny Barrett 11A*/B (inc 7A*/A)
Amber Chapman 10A*/B (inc 6A*/A)
Miru Ciubotar 11A*/B (inc 5A*/A)
Joscelyn Hilder 9A*/B (inc 6A*/A)
Eleanor Pike 10A*/B (inc 7A*/A)
Yaseen Reza 10 A*/B (inc 7A*/A)
Kevin Young 9A*/B 9inc 8A*/A)
Cian Zolfagharinia 9A*/B (inc 6A*/A)

August 20, 2015