Lotte Moore Brings History to Life for Cavendish School

Children studying WW2 hear from child evacuee

Lotte and children from Cavendish Primary School

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Children at Cavendish Primary School were enthralled by a recent visit from local resident and author Lotte Moore, who told them about her experience as a child evacuee in WW2.

Lotte was just 4 when she was sent away to a boarding School in Herefordshire to avoid the bombs in London, not seeing her parents for two years.

Lotte’s husband Chris brought along examples of a week’s food ration that each person was allowed in wartime. It was very little and one of the children asked “were you hungry” to which the answer was “Yes, sometimes”.

The children are studying and reading novels about WW2, but hearing from someone who experienced and remembered it all was a unique experience.

Lotte greatly enjoyed the visit and meeting the children who were so attentive and friendly. Lotte has written a children’s book about her wartime experience, “Lotte’s war”. She is keen to provider her talk to other local Primary Schools, as she feels that it is important to share her direct experience and memories with the next generation whilst she can. Schools can contact Lotte via

The visit was part of a project sponsored by Dukes Meadows Trust looking at the history of the area. It will culminate in a WW2 VE day themed party in July.

Assistant Head of School Andrea Glucker said, "We, children and teachers at Cavendish Primary School in Chiswick, feel so grateful and honoured to have had the opportunity to hear from and discuss WW2 history with Lotte Moore. It has been an invaluable experience for the children to meet a real person, an eye witness, talking about what they usually just read in their text books. Lotte and her husband spent the morning with our Year 6 class and brought history to life; the children were absolutely fascinated and did not want to let her go. Thank you so much for visiting, Lotte - and Dukes Meadows Trust for organising and sponsoring this project to become part of Cavendish's rich and exciting curriculum. It is so important for children and young people to have these kind of experiences."

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June 24, 2019


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