Greenfingered children get to grips with historical garden

Chiswick House Kitchen Garden kicks off autumn season of school visits

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Children from Grove Park Primary

enjoy their nasturtium feast

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The next session will be held on Sunday 6th November, 2-6pm. Ring Karen on 020 8400 9648 to reserve your place.

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Grove Park School's seven-year olds came to work in the Chiswick House Kitchen Garden last week, kicking off the new autumn season of schools' visits.

After working hard digging up potatoes, lifting carrots, sowing seeds and picking various vegetables, they all sat down to a feast.

A strange but delicious picnic of cucumbers, carrots, rocket leaves and nasturtiums was served on dishes of pumpkin leaves.

Pupils sat round a rough wooden pallette on flowerpot stools to eat the fruit of their labours. There was initial hesitation at eating the nasturtium flowers, but after the first pupil had been brave enough to try, the children were soon rushing over to pick more.

Each pupil went home with an enormous potato to cook for supper that night.

The 17th century Chiswick House Kitchen Garden, behind the Camellia House, is being revived by local volunteers under the auspices of the Chiswick Horticultural Society.

Local schoolchildren come to work with their teachers, Duke of Edinburgh teenagers work towards their awards, and every couple of weeks an open drop-in session is held for anyone wanting to help, whether to learn how to grow organic food, to help restore a local amenity, or simply to spend an enjoyable few hours working outdoors in congenial company.


October 21, 2005