Furious row develops as Council deny keeping MPs in the dark over cuts

A major row has blown up between Ann Keen and her husband and Hounslow Council over the issue of education cuts.

The MPs originally issued a statement saying that they had been kept in the dark over the cuts and had therefore been unable to help minimise the damage caused by the reduced grant allocation for Hounslow Council.

This was denied by council leader John Connelly who said that they were aware of the problem as early as 30th November. The Brentford and Chiswick Informer has been leaked a series of furious letters between the Keens and Council leader John Connelly and an unnamed Labour councillor was reported as saying that the MPs have been "sitting on their backsides" instead of campaigning against the cuts.


MP denies prior knowledge of planned cuts

The Council claim that the minutes of a meeting in November between the Keens and the leader clearly show that they were informed. The Keens responded by saying that the minutes of the meeting had not been agreed and that they had not been given full details of the budget proposals. They called the lack of communication from Hounslow on the issue "frustrating."

In a seperate statement the Keens did welcome the change of policy on nursery nurses saying: "The withdrawal of this proposal is a credit to the many parents, teachers, head teachers, governors and many others amongst us who have opposed these proposals from the start."


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