What A Difference A Head Makes

‘Rapid progress’ being made at Chiswick Community School

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The ‘rapid progress’ being made at Chiswick Community School was recognised during a recent Ofsted inspection.

In a letter to parents, Headteacher Alan Howson wrote, “You will be aware that in November we had an OFSTED Inspection. This was very successful and recognised the rapid progress that had been made over the last 18 months.”

He went onto thank the students, staff, governors, local authority and parents for their overwhelming support for the school and their recognition of the positive ethos that now exists.

“Of course what really impressed the Inspection team was the potential that exists within the staff and students and how this was now rapidly being seen in lessons and through results.” He continued. “Our task is to keep improving and take this school to the next level and have it recognised as a truly unique and high performing institution.”

“I now believe we have turned a corner and removed the majority of poorly behaved students and destructive influences that previously existed in our school. Students have recognised the fantastic opportunity that lies before them and how this will help them realise their potential and achieve their goals. The overwhelming majority of students are making progress and contributing to the high standards and this is having such a positive effect on the whole school.”

A great number of staff, parents and pupils have credited Alan Howson with setting the turnaround in progress. “He’s had such a positive influence over the school,” one parent told ChiswickW4.com. “It’s always been a good school, but now it’s well on its way to being a great school.”

The OFSTED report may be viewed on line at

December 23, 2008