Local Resident Peter Gardiner argues for a crossing at a dangerous junction on Sutton Court Road by Lawford Road and Grove Park Bridge.

I have been collecting signatures for a petition to Hounslow Borough Council to provide a safe crossing for pedestrians and cyclists on Sutton Court Road in the region of Lawford Road and Grove Park Bridge. As you are probably aware this is a potentially dangerous junction.

Many drivers descend Grove Park Bridge looking over their shoulders down Sutton Court Road while driving in the opposite direction. This junction is used by many pedestrians: - adults and children walking to and from local schools and by children cycling to Chiswick Community School. Local residents on Sutton Court Rd and especially the elderly residents of St Thomasís Road and Montgomery Court flats and others also need to cross Sutton Court Road to use the E3 bus service.  

There is also a playground by the bridge which attracts children from both sides of Sutton Court Road.

I have approached the council to ask them to act on this, but they say there are higher priorities in the borough. It seems that they will not act until after an accident has happened--but it would obviously be so much better to prevent one happening in the first place.

On my first night of campaigning there was an accident between two cars at this junction, one of many that occur regularly according to residents of Montgomery Court. Clearly motorists would benefit as well!

In five days (about 1.5 hrs a day) I have gathered over 300 signatures. The response has been very strong: of the 10 or so refusals, these were by people who refuse to sign petitions, or didnít understand what I was saying to them.

Please write your comments on the forum as this site is monitored by the council.



Many thanks for your support

Peter Gardiner and family at 114 Park Road 020 8995 0573