"Last spurt before year ends!"

Fountain on Sutton Court Road has an admirer




Just after 5pm on Tuesday 30th December a water valve failed as a Thames Water engineer tried to make repairs on the mains supply to the block of flats adjacent to Paul's Newsagent on Sutton Court Rd.

Police arrived and contained the flow - of traffic that is - while the big boys arrived. The pressure was great enough to produce a fountain as high as the street lamp and to soak passing E3 double deckers !

I asked the water engineer about the Chiswick rival to Trafalgar Square to which he replied "yeah, and I got a nuver 3 calls tonight after this!" - sorry if you were next on the call-out list !

I personally thought it was far more impressive and probably cheaper, than the Chiswick Christmas lights which I drove past 3 times before I noticed them !

Who would like to see a proper fountain somewhere in Chiswick instead of another statue ?? Time for a poll ..........

Nick Whitfeld
local freelance cameraman and photographer.

December 30, 2003

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