Chiswick Author Serves Warning of Dystopian Future

Jonathon Rafferty's new sci-fi novel has pessimistic view of planet's fate


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A new science fiction novel by Chiswick author Jonathon Rafferty is due to be published this month.

‘Servatur Gaiae’, offers a very bleak message on overpopulation, overconsumption of the earth's resources and habitat destruction.

Jonathon Rafferty

Jonathon Rafferty

John, an environmental scientist and his wife Angela are having trouble conceiving a much hoped for third child and start to suspect their may be a link with similar problems experience by tropical rain forest workers.

Pablo, one such worker, becomes severely ill, his site is shutdown, and he is forced to seek work elsewhere. En route he finds himself on the run from drug gangsters before arriving in England.

To uncover what's happening, John has to assemble a team to investigate the problem. Professor Andrew Kowalski, chosen to lead the team, hears a message from an amazing electronic ‘Box' that appears while they are on expedition in the jungle. This delivers a stark warning on the environmental challenges facing the planet but the question remains can the Professor convince world leaders to heed it.

The author spent his career as a Chemical Engineer working in several locations around the world, and the sights and background to this book owe much to that life. His view of the world's ability to control the potential disasters highlighted in this novel is not very optimistic.


August 24, 2015

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