Chiswick Company Launches Childsafe Broadband

Spidermail offers an innovative internet solution for families

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Chiswick based family-friendly broadband provider Spidermail, has launched an innovative solution for parents worried about their children’s exposure to unsuitable material online.

The advantage of the new broadband service is that each member of the family logs onto the internet with their personal username and password. Children’s access is filtered by Spidermail depending on their age, without the need for parental intervention.

Spidermail’s founder and CEO, Shahrokh Nikkhah told ChiswickW4 “Our customers benefit from specialised filtering at our hosting facility that cannot be bypassed by anyone, ensuring that each individual family member views content that is safe and appropriate to their age group”.

He added, “Parents are continually concerned about the safety of their children whilst on the internet, well now they can do something about it”.


November 15, 2007