High Winds Cause Destruction in Chiswick

Boxing Day night storms bring down trees and damage property

Tree downed outside Chiswick House Grounds. Picture: Mark Pritchard


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Stormy weather on Boxing Day night and through to the following morning has brought a trail of destruction to Chiswick.

High speed winds brought down a number of trees in the area including an oak tree right outside the northern entrance to Chiswick House Grounds near the car park.

There has been no indication that the park is to be closed or that the Magic Lantern festival has been affected by the weather which improved significantly later on Wednesday (27 December).

The exterior of the Packhorse and Talbot pub on Chiswick High Road was also seriously damaged with part of the façade being torn down by the storm.

Packhorse and Talbot pub was damaged by strorm. Picture: Robert Charig

The A4 westbound in to Chiswick was partially blocked near Talgarth Road during the morning rush hour when refuse bags were blown into the outside lane.

Picture: TfL

There have been no reports of anyone having been injured during the storms.

December 27, 2017

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