Chiswick High Road 20 Mph Speed Limit Concerns

Residents say 'patchwork' plan does not include all of road


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Residents in the area near Upham Park Road have voiced their concerns that the proposal to have a 20 mph limit along Chiswick High Road and Chiswick Lane, does not include a busy stretch of road that they believe should come within the plan.

Chiswick's Residential Roads to Have 20 Mph Speed Limit

They want the part of the High Road that extends from the junction with Chiswick Lane towards Goldhawk Road to be included as a 20mph zone and say they are puzzled as to why it has been left out by the Council. They are organising a petition to persuade Hounslow Council to include it.

The consultation is currently available for response by local residents and the deadline is 30 September.

One local commented, "This is a particularly busy stretch with a bus depot, driver changeovers, eight side roads joining the High Road, four bus stops, a number of traffic lights and a pedestrian controlled set of lights and complex bus lanes. We cannot understand why it is not included in the proposal for a 20 mph limit."

You can see this on the map below, which, to the right of Chiswick Lane, is a white stretch of road labelled as 'main road, no proposed change to limit'.

Hammersmith & Fulham council are planning to introduce a borough-wide limit of 20 mph.

This would mean that motorists would be going from a 20mph in nearby areas such as Stamford Brook and into a 30 mph zone from Goldhawk Road to Chiswick Lane. It is generally agreed that a 'patchwork' of different zones is confusing for drivers.

You can see details of the consultation and a clearer map on the Council website

The areas in darker blue are the proposed 20 mph zones in Hounslow Council's map

The Council plans to use signage and road markings to enforce the police, and not more speed cameras or traffic calming measures. Revenue from speeding fines would not go to the council but to central government. Speeding is a road traffic offence punishable by fixed penalty fines and points on the offender's driving licences. The change is not not likely to affect air quality. The move is part of a London-wide plan to curb urban speeds in residential areas.


September 8, 2015

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