Are Tesco's off their trolley?

New store annoys residents with 'ugly eyesore' on the High Road

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It was an inauspicious start for the new Tesco Express store as their pavement trolley bay stirred anger amongst local residents.

The bay was outside the new shop and objectors were fearful that, if it was not promptly removed, other stores such as Marks and Spencers might take the opportunity to put similar bays on the pavement. One contributor to the discussion forum called the bay an 'ugly eyesore' and raised concerns about even more supermarket trolleys littering the High Road as vandals take the opportunity to steal them.

Complaints from residents prompted a senior manager from Tesco's visit the site to assess whether the bay should be removed. The Highways department at Hounslow Council also sent somebody to view the site as use of the pavement in this way comes under their jurisdiction.

A significant number of complaints from local people and the lack of required planning permission for the bay meant that it lasted around 48 hours before it was removed.

Tesco's joins Sainsbury's as another major store chain who is managing to raise the wrath of people in the Chiswick area. They have recently announced plans to demolish Chiswick's nearest cinema, the UCG in Hammersmith and their arrival on the High Road looks set to put more pressure on smaller local stores.

Tescos have not responded to our request for a comment on the issue.

October 11, 2004