£22,000 to be spent to bring trees up to standard following complaints from residents on the discussion forum

Emergency Tree Pruning to take place in Chiswick
Additional resources are being allocated to emergency tree pruning in Chiswick following requests from local residents. £22,000 will be spent on twelve roads to ensure that the trees are safe and to bring the branches under control. The money has been re-allocated from other areas of the streetcare budget.

Traffic Orders are currently being drafted to prohibit parking during the times that engineers will be carrying out the trees works.

Cllr Ruth Cadbury, Executive Member for Greener Neighbourhoods, said, “Some of the most attractive features of Chiswick are the tree lined roads and, with more than 3000 street trees in the Chiswick Area it is obviously a large undertaking to keep them trimmed and healthy. I have asked for these additional works in response to the concerns of local residents about the safety of some of the overhanging branches, and there will be some discussions in the near future about the maintenance programme.”

The works will be carried out on the following roads:

  • Silver Crescent and Thorney Hedge Road (priority)
  • Cranbrook Road
  • Mayfield Avenue
  • Prebend Gardens
  • Priory Avenue
  • Priory Gardens
  • Upham Park Road
  • Merton Avenue
  • Gainsborough Road
  • Rupert Road
  • Abinger Road

Earlier it had been suggested that trees would not be pruned until 2005 but initial complaints from local residents on the forum drew a strong response with many people pointing to an increased danger to property from untended trees.

September 30, 2002

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