Woman Hit by Falling Tree as Storms Batter Chiswick

Widespread damage and traffic chaos caused by high winds

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The strong winds that pounded Chiswick and the rest of the country last Thursday brought chaos to the local area and a woman was seriously hurt after being hit by a falling tree.

A large tree in Acton Green opposite Turnham Green tube was been blown over at approximately 12.30pm knocking down a woman and trapping her underneath. She was an employee of local estate agents Bushells. Luckily, she managed to pull herself out from underneath the tree. Passersby gave her assistance and called an ambulance. She was taken to hospital on a spinal board complaining of breathing difficulties but x-rays showed that nothing was broken despite extensive bruising. She was detained in hospital for observation. Tim Dalby-Quenet of Bushells estate agents extends his thanks to the members of the public who helped his colleague.

A car parked on South Parade was also badly damaged by a large branch which fell from a tree on Acton Green less than 100 yards from where this incident occurred. Cars were also crushed by trees on Priory Road and Clarence Road.

Ealing Council's tree surgeons examined all trees in the area to see whether there was any risk of further falls. As a result some trees were condemned and cut down. Work has already begun on clearing the tree from the path it is blocking.

There were also reports of trees having been blown over on Staveley Road next to Chiswick Community School with several cars squashed underneath it.

Many more minor incidents were reported from across Chiswick. A tree fell across Priory Road although it appears no person was hurt, a parked cars was hit. Fences along Fishers Lane have been ripped up exposing the gardens behind them.

Traffic in the area ground to a near standstill as trees and other debris were strewn across major roads.

In the UK as a whole fourteen people have so far been reported to have been killed by the storms including a two year old child who was crushed by a falling wall in North London.

Pictures of the Storm

Tree Down on Priory Road

Tree Down on Acton Green

Damage to the Porsche Garage

(Courtesy of David Farrell)

Tree Ripped up on Chiswick Street

(Courtesy of Julian Charrington)

18 January, 2007