Arbour goes to the top to get action on CCTV

Kiley promises Turnham Green cameras this month

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The long and frustrating campaign to get CCTV cameras installed in Turnham Green station seems finally to have had success.

Although the funding for the scheme has been in place for over two years the installation of the cameras was delayed by bureaucratic delays at Transport for London. The delay was such that the project was in danger of losing its funding. The local crime prevention panel had designated £5,000 for installation but this might have to be returned to the Chiswick Area Committee due to lack of progress.

Now however Bob Kiley the Commissioner of Transport has personally confirmed to Tony Arbour, the local representative on the Greater London Assembly, that the cameras will be installed by contractors by the end of December at the Underground Station.

Mr. Arbour said, " I’d like to thank the local campaigners led by Cllr Paul Lynch and the Chiswick Area Committee who have worked so hard on this and kept the pressure up locally. This will be a great step forward in reducing crime and increasing passenger safety at the Station in this area. A real Christmas present for our borough’s hard pressed commuters."

December 7, 2004