Heritage Group Launches Appeal for Funds

Saving Smithfield Market proves costly for the Victorian Society


The Victorian Society

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The Victorian Society, a charity based in Chiswick, is celebrating a major victory after thwarting a plan to demolish large parts of the historic Victorian buildings at Smithfield Market in the City of London.

A recent public inquiry rejected Henderson Global Investors' plans to knock down the buildings but the cost of the legal battle for the Victorian Society has put a strain on their limited resources. As a result they have issued a Special Casework Appeal to help cover the costs with donations and enable it to continue to fight major campaigns such as Smithfield effectively.

Hilary Grainger, Chair of the Victorian Society, said:, “Eric Pickles’ rejection of the plans for Smithfield Market is the Society’s greatest victory for a number of years. Given the prominence of the site, the major interests on the other side and the rarity of public inquiries on heritage matters, this was an important test of conservation policies. It is good news not only for Smithfield but for our towns and cities nationwide, demonstrating that the planning system can protect our heritage even where major commercial and political interests are involved.”

Donations can be made online by click on the ‘donate’ button at the bottom of every page on the Victorian Society’s website www.victoriansociety.org.uk.

The Victorian Society is the national charity campaigning for the Victorian and Edwardian historic environment in England and Wales. It fights to preserve important Victorian and Edwardian buildings and landscapes. It provides expert advice to churches and local planning authorities on how Victorian and Edwardian buildings and landscapes can be adapted to the way we live now, while keeping what is special about them.

It also advises members of the public about how they can help shape the future of their local Victorian and Edwardian buildings and landscapes. It provides information to owners of Victorian and Edwardian houses about how they can better look after their precious buildings. It helps people understand, appreciate and enjoy the architectural heritage of the Victorian and Edwardian period through its publications and educational programmes.

August 29, 2014

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