Local Cellist Resumes Career After Five Year Injury Break

Corinne Morris will perform at a concert at St. Michael's


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British/French cellist Corinne Morris had an international career, about to be signed on to a major management agency, when a debilitating shoulder injury from years of over-use abruptly brought her dreams to a halt.

After completely turning away from music for five years, her
despair was finally turned to hope after discovering a successful treatment from the field of sports medicine. She will be playing at St Michael and All Angels on Saturday 9th November at 7.30pm.

“When I stumbled upon the therapy that was to heal my shoulder, the dream I had nurtured since the age of 8 came alive again” says Corinne.

She is now picking up where she left off and she feels that her playing is better than ever. “A
traumatic experience shapes your life – my musical message has deepened as a result of it.”

Corinne is marking the re-launch of her career with her new album The Macedonian Sessions.
The 11-piece recording highlights the depth and range of her talent, filled with the emotion of her journey back to her place on the stage. Recorded with the Macedonian Radio Symphony
Orchestra, it features music by Tchaikovsky, Bruch, Fauré, Saint-Saens and Piazzolla, along with an original self-penned composition. The recording was also filmed and will be available on video.

Along with recent concerto appearances with the Norfolk Symphony and West London Sinfonia, she will be appearing at a recital at the Southbank in Spring 2014.

“During my ‘silent’ years I released to what extent I am a performer. Even in the depths of my
depression, I never totally gave up the vision that one day I would perform again.. Playing the
cello is like riding a bike; once you know how, you never forget! But you may not always have thestrength to ride up a hill or play a concerto. That is what regular practice allows you to do.”

Before her injury, Corinne was prize-winner of the Maria Canals International Cello Competition in
Spain and the International French Music Competition. She was chosen by Rostropovich to
perform at his festival in Evian where he affectionately nicknamed her ‘Corinotchka’. She was also invited to the world-famous Verbier Academy in Switzerland, as well as the international Cellofestival in Kronberg in Germany, where she performed and took part.
Her BBC debut recital was broadcast on Radio 3, and she is on the list of solo artists for Radio 3 programmes.

Corinne’s story has inspired many in the music industry and beyond. As she re-launches her
career she is regularly being asked to do interviews and talks in universities and other institutions to talk about her music and her treatment. She is also in discussion to develop a documentary based on her experience, with a focus on musician’s health.

When she gave up her career due to her injury, Corinne sold her C.A. Miremont cello dating back
to 1876. Upon re-launch, she has now been loaned the very same cello by a private investor.
“I feel very privileged to be able to play my cello everyday and to live my life as a musician again.”

She has also just released a CD called the Macedonian Sessions to coincide with her re-launch which you can hear clips of here https://soundcloud.com/corinnemorris/sets/macedonian-sessions-clips?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=email.

Here is a link to her website: http://corinnemorris.com

November 6, 2013

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