Controversy Continues Over CPZ Proposal For Grove Park

Local councillor Ed Mayne hits back at criticism from Conservatives


Fury Over Grove Park CPZ 'Trojan Horse'

Agenda for Delegated Decision Meeting

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A row has blown up over the controversial decision to allow a CPZ for an area of Grove Park in Chiswick.

Local Conservative councillors criticised Councillor Ed Mayne on a number of points relating to the issue, but Councillor Mayne today (Dec 12) hit back at his critics.

One of the claims by the Conservative Party group on the Council is that Cllr Mayne (Lab), who is lead member with responsibility for parking had missed "four opportunities" to explain to the people of Chiswick why he considered a consultation and a CPZ were necessary. Furthermore he was a resident of Isleworth, not Chiswick, they said.

However Councillor Ed Mayne has disputed this. The fact that he was a resident of Isleworth was " irrelevant" he said, because Chiswick is part of the Borough of Hounslow. His comments can be read in full below.

"I was unfortunately unable to go to the July meeting of the Chiswick Area Forum. However I have not been invited to any subsequent meetings even though I made it clear to the Chair that I was happy to attend a future meeting. So the claim about there being four meetings I could attend is false.

"Furthermore I submitted a written report to the July meeting of the Chiswick Area Forum explaining my position which is available on the Council website:

"The statement, 'Senior officers agreed with Councillors that there was no precedent in Hounslow for the actions of the Cabinet Member..' is also misleading. I also believe that the comments of the "Senior officers" concerned have been taken out of context.
"The first CPZ in Chiswick was introduced roughly 20 years ago before Area Forums were introduced and decisions were taken by Council executive committees. Borough Traffic Management decisions are still executive powers that can be exercised by the Council Cabinet or Area Forums under current Council rules. The Conservative Party made no attempt to change these rules when they ran Hounslow Council with their Independent coalition partners between 2006 and 2010.

"Decisions to implement Pay & Display car parks can only be taken by the Council Cabinet, not Area Forums. After the Chiswick House Car Park was approved, I authorised the consultation with the neighbouring streets because I was concerned about where the commuters and visitors parking there prior to charges starting would go once the restrictions began. As all the other residential roads around Chiswick House have controlled parking it seemed unfair to go ahead with the car park without consulting residents about whether they would like measures implemented to mitigate any impact of displacement.
"I disagree that my decision is "unilateral". I stated in my report to the Chiswick Area Forum that the Council Cabinet would be guided by the results of the consultation with residents of Park Road and the section of Staveley Road that borders Chiswick House & Grounds. Had the results shown a majority against there would have been no grounds for implementing a CPZ. As it happens there has been an overwhelming majority of responses in favour.

"It should also be noted that I invited all the Chiswick Riverside Ward Councillors to a meeting to discuss this before the decision to start a consultation was taken. Only Paul Lynch attended this meeting. Felicity Barwood and Paul Lynch have attended subsequent meetings with me to discuss this matter and their views have been taken into account.
"Sam Hearn made no effort to arrange any meetings with me after he failed to attend the aforementioned meeting. I did not meet with him to discuss this until the consultation had closed. And this was a meeting I requested with him which the Chair of the Forum also attended. So the allegation that I have not engaged with Area Councillors is disingenuous."

The Conservative Group's letter outlining their concerns issued yesterday said;

"At the regular meeting of the forum held at Chiswick Town Hall on 20th November, residents of Park Road and the area around it were able to voice their concerns about the traffic and parking problems associated with the lack of a Controlled Parking Zone.

"A Council Officer summarised the results of the very limited CPZ consultation carried out in only one and a half streets. The consultation results differed little from the results of the previous two consultations.

"The officer also explained the results of research conducted, at the request of local councillors, into traffic speeds and road safety in Park Road. There was no explanation as to why this important work had not been completed and the results published before the consultation was launched.

"Residents of the wider community, represented by the Grove Park Association, also made representations to the councillors. Relevant detailed survey evidence was offered by them on the current usage of the Chiswick House Car Park and the parking spaces available in Park Road. This data was queried by some residents of Park Road but no contrary evidence was offered.

"The debate was heated, with views about facts and opinions and many interjections from the audience.

"Senior officers agreed with Councillors that there was no precedent in Hounslow for the actions of the Cabinet Member, Cllr Ed Mayne (for his unilateral decision to impose a parking scheme on the residents irrespective of the views of the Area Councillors and those representing the wider community south of the A4.

"Councillor Mayne, a Labour Councillor representing Isleworth and is not a resident of Chiswick. He has missed four opportunities to explain in public to local residents why he believes yet another CPZ consultation was necessary and how the proposed CPZ would benefit residents.

"After a debate and question and answer session with officers and residents, Chiswick Councillors were asked merely to note the report before it heads off to Lampton Road and a presentation to the Council Cabinet. A default decision will be made at that point by Councillors who have little or no knowledge of Chiswick and the concerns of its residents."


December 12, 2012

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