Vandalism Of Councillor's Car May Be Related To Row Over CPZ

Letters scratched on the car appear to refer to the ongoing controversy


Dismay Over Community 'Divided' Over CPZ

Fury Over Grove Park CPZ 'Trojan Horse'

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The controversial CPZ row in Grove Park may have taken a new twist with an act of vandalism on a car owned by the wife of a local councillor.

Sue Hearn, who is married to councillor Sam Hearn (Cons) is convinced that the letters scratched on her car while it was parked outside her home on Wednesday night relate to the ongoing controversy.

The car, a grey Toyota Rav4 was parked in the driveway of the couple's home and Mrs. Hearn said she noticed the scratched letters on Thursday. She has reported the matter to the police and is convinced it is connected to the controversy about controlled parking.

"I am sure that the letters are 'CPZ' although the letter 'Z' looks a bit strange but why else would someone come into my driveway and scratch those letters on one of our cars?

"I assume that this is some sick individual's protest at Sam's stance on the proposed Park / Staveley Road Controlled Parking Zone. If it is, this action is beyond belief. Whilst Sam has gone on a limb in sharing his views, incurring the wrath of some in the community, he has done so publicly and honestly."

She said that she has never expressed views publicly on the matter. "To take this sort of action is not just criminal it is cowardly and pathetic".

She added that she will now have to foot the cost of having the car repaired.

Sue Hearn said that she wanted people to know about the incident as she could not believe that people in her locality would stoop to something like that. She would also like anyone with any information or who might have seen anything that might be connected with the incident to come forward.

The police have recorded the complaint about the damage to the car.

The issue of a controlled parking zone in Grove Park has been highly controversial with feelings running high on both sides of the debate.

Councillor Ed Mayne, the Council's cabinet member for community safety and regulatory services, last week (April 26), approved the scheme to introduce limited parking restrictions (2 hours a weekday between 10-12 am) in Park Road and Staveley Road east. It will be for a trial period of six months.

On hearing about the incident, Cllr Mayne said today; 'I am very sorry to hear about this incident. All acts of vandalism are unacceptable and should be reported to the Police. I hope the people who did this are found and brought to justice.'

May 3, 2013


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