Victorian Painting Of Cricket Match Restored For Chiswick Library

Mystery over origin of painting which shows an English and a French team on Turnham Green

restored victorian painting of cricket match in chiswick


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A Victorian painting of a Turnham Green cricket match has been carefully restored to its former glory and will be hung in Chiswick Library. It measures around 4-feet x 3-feet in size and local historians are keen to find out more about its origin. Though undated, it is thought to be c.1860.

The painting was originally donated to the library by Libby Perkins who formerly lived on the Glebe Estate. Her parents had come across the painting in an antique shop far from Chiswick and because her father was interested in the game of cricket they decided to buy it. It wasn't until much later when they moved to Chiswick that they realised the picture was actually of Turnham Green Common and Christ Church.

Local Studies librarian James Marshall said that the painting was donated to Chiswick Library's Local Collection by Libby Perkins in 2009. It has been cleaned, restored, and strengthened by Cooke & Sons of Kew, at the initiative of Councillor John Todd, using S106 funding from Hounslow Council.

painting of victorian cricket match on turnham green

The painting before restoration

Local historians Carolyn and Peter Hammond used a reproduction of the painting in their first book of old pictures of Chiswick. When they were invited to see the original painting, Carolyn recalls that they were captivated by the fascinating detail revealed in the full sized version.

Further research is being undertaken to give a more accurate dating of the painting, which painting depicts a cricket match between an English and a French team. This event is also something that local historians are keen to find out more about.

Councillor Todd first came across the painting while helping with some research in Chiswick Library, and thought it should be restored. He has now week delivered it back to the Library to be re-hung. The library has other interesting paintings on display in the ground floor area, including one showing a small pond where horse horse drawn carriages would enter so that their metal edged wheel rims could be cooled, to prevent them being thrown off in hot weather.

Cllr Todd commented: "I'm delighted that this local and rather special painting has been restored to its former pristine and colourful condition. The incredible detail of individuals and buildings shown are, I know , the subject of further research. I look forward to seeing it on display in our wonderful library,"

October 31, 2017

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