Local Woman Bereft After Dogs Run Into Her House and Kill Her Cat

Attack happened as she was standing outside talking to neighbour

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A local resident has been left bereft by the loss of her rescue cat Barney, following an attack by a local dog who ran into her home and savaged the pet.

In a bizarre incident on a quiet street at Strand on the Green, the cat was inside its home asleep when it was set upon. Two dogs were being walked by their owner, who apparently lost control of them.

The front door of the house was ajar at the time while Barney's owner was outside chatting to a neighbour.

A local resident, who witnessed the attack, told Chiswickw4.com; "My friend was across the street chatting to a neighbour and had left her front door ajar. My cat and hers were sleeping in her house at the time. All hell broke lose after the dog owner lost control of the dogs as they tore through her house into the kitchen in pursuit of two terrified cats.

"Mine escaped with his life, hers was caught in the jaws of one of the dogs."

Neighbours rushed into the house in an effort to get the dog to drop the injured cat.

One neighbour rushed the woman, who does not want to be named, and a badly injured Barney to the vets but the pet died of a seizure several hours later.

The woman had been Barney's owner for 18 months. He was a rescue cat who had been abused previously and had endured years of maltreatment.

Barney's owner said that the incident happened at around 10:05 am last Saturday (8 February) while she was talking to a neighbour across the road.

"My front door was open but in my full view. A woman was walking two large white dogs on leads. I then heard a commotion and the woman and the dogs came out of my house, one of the dogs had my cat in its mouth. Although the dogs appeared to be on extendable leads the woman appeared not to have any control of them.

"A visitor over the road, (who is a police detective) ran and prised my cat free from the dog. The dog instantly grabbed my cat again. Further strong prizing released my cat, who was very badly injured. This incident was witnessed by a number of people.

"I immediately took my cat to the 24 hour vet on the A316 road. My cat sadly died at about 2pm.

"I am concerned that the dogs were somehow able to enter my house, despite being on leads, that they were not properly controlled and that a child could be injured by the dogs."

The local said the owner of the dogs came the following day to apologise and offered to pay the vet's fees.

However, people nearby are angry and fearful there may be similar incidents in future. The incident has been reported to police and local residents have alerted local councillors, nearby schools and other dog owners. They have also written to Hounslow Council leader Steve Curran.

One said,"This is an area where lots of families live with small children. What would have happened if a small child had been playing with a cat when these dogs attacked?"

They are now demanding that the dogs be taken away from their owner.

February 19, 2020


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