Dog School Needs A New Home

Pat Sears needs venue for dog-training school


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We are all familiar with ads looking for homes for dogs but how about a home for a dog-training school?

Chiswick resident Pat Sears has running the Chiswick and District dog-Training School in the church hall of St. Peter’s in Southfield Road for the past 34 years.

With her beloved German Shepherd dogs by her side, she has put owners and their pets, from puppies to St. Bernards, through their paces and earned herself a reputation as something of a ‘ dog whisperer’.

But now the church hall is being refurbished and her dog training school has to look for a new home from next month.

Pat is now calling on fellow-dog lovers in Chiswick to help her find a suitable premises for her school. She would ideally like to offer her students a midweek evening, but will take a Saturday, but the priority is that it is a longterm, regular site with a reasonable rent.

Says Pat, who grew up in Fulham; “I’ve always been a magnet for dogs. I was seven when I trained my first dachshund, it belonged to a neighbour. My mum always said I would work with dogs, they just seem to show obedience to me”.

“I love people but I adore dogs and animals of all sorts. I’m a Pisces and very tactile and I think the dogs pick up on that. And my favourite breed is German Shepherd- anyone who has been to the school will know that”

Pat says her Chiswick and District Dog Training School has been running so long that she gets calls from people who trained their dogs with the school fifteen years ago or more and still remember her name.

"I was a veterinary nurse and I’m an advanced instructor of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. I do courses every year to keep up to date."

She says the school charges a low fee to their students ( £4.50 to adults and £2.50 to OAPs) and usually has about ten in the puppy class, eight to ten in the medium-class and maybe 4 in the advanced training class.

“We need a place that’s big enough for all those dogs, and if we can have a garden area outside, it would be a bonus for the summer time."

“I’m very careful about health and safety and cleaning up so we are very aware of the need to keep a premises in good condition. We’ve never had any problems in the past”.

Pat is appealing to anyone who knows of a suitable premises to get in touch with her. Her email address is :

June 8, 2012

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