Chiswick Sports Clubs Unite To Fight Crime

A network formed in Dukes Meadows following upsurge in theft


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Sports clubs in the Dukes Meadows area have joined forces with the police to fight back against a surge of crime in the area.

The Dukes Meadows Network has been set up to share information about suspicious activity or criminal behaviour in the locality which has been plagued by cycle thefts and thefts from vehicles.

Thefts from vehicles have increased

Hundreds of local people visit the Dukes Meadows neighbourhood to enjoy a variety of recreational activities, from private sports grounds, to gyms, golf, tennis, rugby and public parks and playgrounds. But the area has been hit by a wave of anti-social behaviour, including fly tipping and graffiti, as well as thefts. The management of the sports clubs and public areas have now come together to tackle the problem before it spirals out of control.

The Dukes Meadows Network includes representatives of the Kings House School sports ground, Riverside Virgin gym, the Dukes Meadows Trust, the Dukes Meadows Golf and Tennis Club and University of Westminster Sports Grounds. Members of the local police Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Hounslow Council also attended the first meeting of the network. They are now working in partnership with Marco Capitao (Hounslow Council Community Safety coordinator) on a long term solution tackling crime and ASB in the area of Dan Mason Drive, Riverside Drive and the University of Westminster grounds.

An email system has been set up to share information and alert members about any suspicious behaviour or criminal activity . A number of measures will also be taken to upgrade the environment and deter criminals including cutting back foliage, and improved signage and information for the public.

A spokesman said; “The level of criminal activity is disproportionate to the actual population in the area. I wouldn’t like to describe it as a hotspot for crime but there are enough offences on a weekly basis to highlight it as an emerging area. By working together we can try to stop the problems becoming worse.”

The area is popular for sports enthusiasts

A police spokesman told that the public could help by being vigilant. Expensive bicycles were often either unlocked or a cheap lock was used for an expensive cycle that could cost over £1,000 to replace. Motorists continued to leave expensive items on display, such as satellite navigation kits placed on dashboards.

The spokesman for the Dukes Meadows Network said; “It’s one of the biggest recreational areas in west London. The area is not dense in terms of population but the clubs are being hit quite regularly. We see tackling this by establishing this network as a priority but we are also supporting other work being done to upgrade the area such as street lighting, cutting back foliage, and improved access by installing more signage.”

A report on the situation will be presented to local councillors at the next meeting of the Chiswick Area Forum on Tuesday, November 20.

November 17, 2012

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