Local Councillor's 'Can Do' Message

Gary Malcolm has diabetes but doesn't let it stop him climbing mountains

Gary Malcom for NHS film


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A Southfield ward Councillor who has diabetes, is helping doctors with their research and inspiring others with the condition to become more active.

Liberal Democrat representative, Gary Malcolm, is an avid walker and mountain climber and when he went to Nepal in October 2016, was asked to take part in medical research with St Mary's Hospital. Doctors wanted to discover more about people with Type 1 diabetics who have to inject insulin to control their sugar levels.

The research involved Councillor Malcolm wearing a special machine and monitoring his insulin as he got to greater heights.

Gary Malcolm
Councillor Gary Malcolm

The subsequent article was written in conjunction with the medical team at St Mary's hospital and has just been published in the highly respected British Medical Journal.

The article can be read online.

Councillor Malcolm said: "There has been very little research into the effects of diabetes at high altitude so when I had the chance to help conduct and take part in research, when visiting Nepal last year, I jumped at the opportunity. The research will both help doctors give better advice to future diabetic mountaineers as well as give some simple but effective tips to mountaineers so they can climb every peak successfully.  'If I can do it, then anyone can' is my motto."

Since the article was published he has also been filmed as part of an NHS website to help encourage and motivate teenagers to be more active and show them that they can do physically difficult activities even though they are diabetic.

Cllr Malcolm is happy to answer any questions regarding exercise and diabetes.

5th September 2017

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