You Spent How Much?!

Ealing publishes all council expenditure over £500

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Ealing Council has published details of all its spending for amounts above £500 together with details of senior officers’ pay and councillors’ allowances.

Budget book 2010-2011
The budget book gives an overview of the council's financial plans for the next budget year and beyond.

Details of payments made to suppliers greater than £500.
The information includes the invoice number, name of the supplier, the nature of the expense and the amount paid. The information does not include:

  • payments and refunds to individuals, such as housing benefit payments
  • councillors’ allowances, which are published separately
  • staff pay, although details of senior executive pay (pdf) is published separately
  • payments to individuals who are brought in temporarily to assist with elections
  • sensitive personal information, such as payments made to foster carers
  • any payments which may reveal personal details about an individual

In the case of payments to organisations that provide services to vulnerable groups, the details of the payments are included but the names of the organisations have not been provided.

Any queries about this data, email

Councillors' allowances
Details of allowances paid to members.

Statement of accounts
The council's financial activities and overall financial position.

Executive pay (pdf)
Details of senior executive pay - extract from the statement of accounts 2009/10.

February 1, 2011