28 Thorney Hedge Road
Chiswick, London
W4 5SD


Ref: 00890/C/P21                                                                                            6 May 2002


Dear Mr Draper,

Wing House 112 Power Road Chiswick London W4 5PY

The West Chiswick & Gunnersbury Society has examined the revised planning application for Wing House in Power Road.

The Society opposes these revised plans as they only incorporate minor changes to the design of the building and have ignored the point made in our earlier objection letter of 5 February. In that:

·        It still fails to conform to the Unitary Development Plan, which states “New development and the uses being proposed should reflect the local environment and community…” The development does not reflect the local environment and community, which consists of low-rise commercial properties, which are mainly industrial or commercially trading in nature.

·        The plans for the proposed development will still be of five storeys rising to 22 metres with an upward frontage of 40 metres. It would be the highest building in Power Road. No other building in Power Road exceeds three storeys in height.

·        It would be a prominent building for residential properties in Thorney Hedge Road and would restrict both daylight and privacy. It would also be intrusive at night times. The high of the building will tower over the properties at 1-7 Thorney Hedge Road.

·        The provision of additional office space is unnecessary and will not produce a reasonable mix of development for the area. There is already considerable office development in the Chiswick Business Park, or planned for 964 Great West Road (junction of Gunnersbury Avenue and Chiswick Roundabout), as well as the proposed development at the Chiswick West Site. There is already a surfeit of vacant office accommodation before these sites are developed. Additional office development is unnecessary in the area and not in line with the principles of mixed sustainable development. This site would be better used for mixed industrial and commercial use, which would be more in character with the area.

·        The construction of a five storey building on this site would have a claustrophobic effect on the residential properties in Thorney Hedge Road, given the height of the existing Office building on Chiswick High Road (Adelaide House) as well as Lovell House next to it.

·        The parking provision proposed for the site of this size is inadequate and will leads to yet more cars parking in the adjacent area and thereby contributing to the increasing traffic pollution experience by the residents in the area. The developer makes no reference to how the development will fit in with the Mayor’s Transport Strategy for London.   

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