Revised Plans for Chiswick West Development Rejected

Sustainable Development Committee of Hounslow Council reject "Son of Tower"

Developers hoping to build a major commercial complex around Gunnersbury station saw their plans rejected at a recent Council meeting.

After it became clear the original plans would not pass a revised proposal was presented which abandoned the idea of a hotel, increased the amount of affordable housing and decreased the size of the main tower from 30 storeys to 28.

There were three separate parts to the plan including the tower complex, a nine storey office building on the opposite side of the road and a pedestrian walkway. All three were rejected.

It is not known at this state if further plans will be submitted but the West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society are planning a march against over-development in the area next April.

One local resident commented that this was not the end of the issue, "We saw how in the case of the Pinnacle a series of applications gradually wore down resistance to the scheme as people felt that objections to one plan automatically would be considered on subsequent plans. In fact this may not be the case, so it is necessary to formally object to every application."

December 12, 2002

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