Lorna Stewart's killer plans to appeal

Rena Salmon tells of her friendship with Maxine Carr


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Almost 18 months after the fatal shooting, Rena Salmon has been speaking out again.   In an interview published in the Guardian by Julie Bindel, founder of the pressure group Justice For Women, Salmon revealed the “strange bond” between herself and her victim.

She also claimed that she had gone to the salon to kill herself in front of Stewart. "If I killed myself in a public way, the world would know what Lorna did to us all, and the bad publicity would wreck her business: the downside being I would miss my kids growing up."

“She was my best friend and I can't tell you how much I miss her. Now Lorna and I have a strange bond. We both loved Paul and it has cost us our lives. I hate what I've done, but I'm not the only one responsible for all this pain.”

Rena Salmon shot dead Lorna Stewart on the morning of 10 September 2002 in what was then Equilibrium Salon and is now rebranded as Red Chat. This case came back into the public arena when Rena Salmon was sentenced to life imprisonment when she was found guilty of murder, a charge to which she had pleaded not guilty on grounds of diminished responsibility

Remorse is one thing however, her claim that she is seen as more evil than her friend, Maxine Carr could be construed as not only egotistical but somewhat macabre.   Claiming her position as the ‘Queen of Evil' she said, "I'm the woman the papers say is evil at the moment, although Max took the crown for a while.”  

Some would see this as ironic coming from the same woman who has also spoken of her resentment of how she was portrayed in the media claiming that, "The press painted me as an avenging demon.”

Rena Salmon is currently serving a minimum of 14 years imprisonment at Bullwood jail, Essex and has a son and daughter aged 13 and 10.    Her defence team is waiting for permission to appeal against her conviction.

February 18, 2004