Downward trend in local crime continues

Rise in riverside burglary mars good set of crime figures

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Latest numbers for Chiswick show that, once again, crime in the area is falling. In a report to be presented to the Chiswick Area Committee on 23rd June, figures show an 8% decrease in reported crime in the year to April 2004 compared to the previous year.

Inspector Ged Boyer, who is in charge at Chiswick Police station told us, "It is encouraging to see that reported crime is again down in Chiswick. However I am most concerned by the rise in residential burglaries and will work with my officers to address this issue. It is important that householders consider their security arrangements and reduce the opportunites for crime by avoiding leaving doors and windows open during the warmer summer months."

The real impact has come in the Chiswick Homefields ward which covers the eastern part of Chiswick. Crime there fell by an astonishing 21% Previously the ward had been the worst affected in the borough for domestic burglary but it would appear that the efforts of crime prevention officers have managed to reduce burglary in the area dramatically. Overall in the Chiswick area burglary has risen but there were reductions in other types of offences, including violence against the person, theft and handling and criminal damage.

The report does note that on a monthly basis crime has started to see some increase again although this could be seasonal.

The figures reveal that Chiswick is the area of the borough were you are least likely to be a victim of violence against the person. This sort of crime makes up only 12% of recorded crime against 20% elsewhere. Moreover, over four fifths of these offences result in minor or no injuries. There were 40 fewer violence against the person offences recorded in Chiswick between May 2003 and April 2004 compared to the same period the previous year - a fall of 6%. March and April did see a sharp increase in these offences, particularly in the Turnham Green area and police are monitoring this trend carefully.

Residential Burglary has risen in Chiswick over the last year as the number of recorded residential burglaries went up by 84 offences from 309 to 393 an increase of 27%. This is despite the success in Chiswick Homefields. The problem area has been Chiswick Riverside where burglaries have doubled. The clear up rate for burglaries in the borough is 9% which is slightly below the average for the Met overall.

There was better news on theft and handling offences in Chiswick which fell substantially. This kind of crime makes up nearly half of all offences committed in the area. Recently there has been an increase mainly related to vehicle theft and theft from vehicles. The local police clear up a higher percentage of this kind of crime (9%) than the Met overall.

June 21, 2004