Latest figures show falling crime in Chiswick

Some local areas remain the worst affected in the borough for burglary and vehicle crime

A new report on crime has shown an 8% fall in notified crime in Chiswick for the latest quarter. The previous quarter had seen an 8% rise due to a spate of car break-ins but the latest fall brings crime levels back to those seen earlier in the year.

Reported Burglary in Chiswick 2002
  Jul-Sep Oct-Dec
Chiswick Homefields 63 56
Chiswick Riverside 39 40
Turnham Green 42 59
Total 144 155

One area of local concern remains burglary where Turnham Green ward has joined Chiswick Homefields to be the worst affected area in the borough. The number of burglaries rose in Chiswick whereas they fell elsewhere in the borough. Anti-burglary initiatives in the East of Chiswick seem to have reduced the number of burglaries in Homefields ward but there has been a corresponding increase elsewhere in Chiswick.

After a major crime spree in the previous quarter with Volkswagens targeted, there was a sharp fall in vehicle crime with only 395 incidents compared to 495. The police have recently started another anti-car crime initiative in the area. Even with the fall, Chiswick Homefields and Turnham Green have the highest level of vehicle crime in the borough.

Inspector Ged Boyer, the senior officer at Chiswick police station said, "whilst the overal reduction in crime is welcome, I am obviously concerned about the rise in burglary and vehicle crime in two wards of Chiswick. My staff will be concentrating on reducing crime levels in these wards over the coming weeks and months "

Crime overall in London and the borough of Hounslow (-12%) also fell compared with the previous quarter. Commenting on figures for the whole financial year released today Deputy Commissioner Ian Blair said, "These results show our overwhelming commitment to the people of London and underline our determination to make this the safest major city in the world."

Local resident and advisor to the Home Office on crime, Prof. Robin Marris said of the figures, "They confirm the general continued fall in crime rates. This was recently confirmed solidly by the latest British Crime Survey, which the Press either ignored or quoted wrong figures to give 'up' headlines. The Daily Mail regularly publishes as a fact that crime is rising. My original proposition that we were all addicted to bad news about crime was ironic. Now I see it is a much deeper neurosis than I realised."

He raised another example of a headline in the Independent which stated ''Police blame statistics for increase in violent attacks". The story underneath showed that rather than an increase, there has been a decline in actual attacks; the statistical increase is due to the change in reporting methods. Prof. Marris asked, "So why not a headline, 'Violent attacks fall, although statistics show an increase'?"

Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority, Lord Toby Harris, said, "The Met's achievement in reducing crime rates across London is a clear indication that when resources are specifically targeted the police can make a real impact. However, the Authority is acutely aware that while crime figures continue to fall, public perception and fear of crime remains alarmingly high, and we will continue to work closely with the Met to improve police visibility and public reassurance about their safety."

Reported Vehicle Crime in Chiswick 2002
  Jul-Sep Oct-Dec
Chiswick Homefields 177 141
Chiswick Riverside 153 107
Turnham Green 165 147
Total 495 395

Street crime was up. There were 18 more incidents of street crime reported to the Police in October to December 2002 than in the previous quarter rising to 64 with most of these incidents occuring near the High Road. Racially motivated and homophobic crime in Chiswick continued to be relatively low compared to other parts in the Borough.

Despite more arrests for street crime in the borough as a whole, arrests for burglary and vehicle crime were down by 46 and 48 arrests respectively. The reduction in burglary arrests is not surprising given the Police targeting of known burglars in the last quarter. However, as a percentage of total notified crime, the Police resolved more crimes. The Police charged, summonsed, cautioned or had the allegation considered in a conviction for 15% of all total notified offences in October to December 2002.

Figures have also been released on cross borough crime which show that Turnham Green ward (which includes much of Chiswick High Road) has the highest amount of crime committed by non-residents. Only 39% of crime committed in the ward is by borough residents with 16% committed by Ealing borough residents and 8% by residents of Hammersmith and Fulham. The police have denied that borough boundaries such as exist by so-called "muggers alley" cause problems in terms of catching criminals pointing out that there is nothing to stop them pursuing and arresting suspects in other boroughs.

April 23, 2003

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