The truth is out there - X-Files becomes Kew files

Without warning on the night of 18 September 2002, something strange happened in this wheat field at Kew. A crop circle appeared in the wheatfield at the river end of Syon vista.

Ufologists often claim the unexplained phenomenon of crop circles is associated with alien visitations. Others believe they are down to freak wind vortices, geo-magnetic forces, rampaging animals or simply hoaxes.

With crop circles now a global enigma (over 8,000 appearing each year world-wide), the 'Kew Circle' is the centre of much speculation.

Crop circles are usually found in the countryside but, if aliens are involved, they may have been confused by the large number of country dwellers present in London this Sunday for the march.

Rumours of night-time mowing in the wheatfield remain unsubstantiated. Of course, it would be difficult to ascertain whether a loud roar emanated from an aircraft seeking a free runway or a keen gardener on over-time.

UFO experts are unclear how aliens could have possibly managed to have landed through the Heathrow flight path.

September 23, 2002