Neglected Boathouse to be demolished

Plans submitted to replace it with three new houses

The abandoned boathouse at 76 Grove Park Road which stands neglected and currently occupied by squatters is to be demolished and replaced with three new three-storey terraced houses new plans get approved.

The premises, occupied until 1988 by Bason & Arnold, were used as a boat repair yard and club. There was also a re-fuelling point for boats moored at the jetty with fuel pumped from tanks located in the basement of the boathouse building.

The Wheelhouse Club met there for some time but sadly its usefulness ceased and the once hansom building has been left to deteriorate.

A planning application to demolish the existing building and build three new homes was submitted back in 1989 but was refused on the grounds of loss of the boatyard and its amenities. The opportunity to appeal the ruling was later granted when it became obvious of the unlikehood that the boatyard’s business would ever be reinstated. In 1995 permission was granted for the three new homes and a lengthy planning process began.

There are already a fair number of objections on a number of grounds including loss of privacy however, interestingly a number of river users have conflicting views of what to do the rotting jetty.

The planning issues with be discussed at the Chiswick Area Planning meeting on 16th July 2003 and therefore further details will follow.

July 10, 2003

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