Local Councillors in favour of measure to protect area from unsympathetic development

After years of campaigning by local residents the prospect of a Grove Park conservation area looks a step closer. This will complement the existing area in Strand on the Green.

Councillors at a recent Chiswick Area Committee meeting expressed their approval for the idea.

The plan will now go forward to be decided by the Council at a borough level. If it was to be implemented planning permission would be required for more minor alterations.



Flats to be redeveloped despite opposition of residents
The catalyst for the move has been the increased concern about the level of development in the area most particularly where it meet the river. The recent surprise decision to give approval to the St. George's residential development at Kew has highlighted that it cannot be assumed that existing planning measures protect the character of this part of the river.

A draft strategy for protecting the Thames from neglect and inappropriate development has been drawn up. Chiswick residents have been asked to give their comments on the strategy. Support for a Grove Park conservation area can be registered through an on-line feedback form.

The move could be particularly timely for the residents of Hartington Court who are currently attempting to stop the development of their art deco block. Sue Tilleray of the Hartington Court residents' association commented:

"Strand on the Green and Dukes Meadows could be linked with a further protected area, which
would be for everyone's benefit, rather than for commercial exploitation. Giles Underhill's of Foxtons belief that 'leaseholders would benefit from the symbiotic mutually advantageous plans' appears to lack understanding of this riverside landmark. Perhaps the only symbiotic relationship here is that between developer and estate agent?"

She pointed out Hartington Court can be seen from Stand-on-the-Green and Kew so that increasing the height of the building would have an undesirable impact on the riverside environment and set a precedent for the redevelopment of other riverside properties. She urged Grove Park residents to make a comment on the balance they wish to see between conservation and development during the Thames Strategy consultation period.

Foxtons were unavailable for comment on the issue.

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