Hogarth makes a return to the High Road but is nearly dropped in the process

After a few months of absence William Hogarth has finally taken up full time residence on Chiswick High Road.

The statue was orignally put up in an unfinished form as it was delayed due to the foundry that was making it going bankrupt. Another foundry, Burleighfield Arts, stepped in at only a small variation in the original price, and they got a statue onto the plinth in time for David Hockney and Ian Hislop to unveil it.

However it then had to be removed again for finishing.

Val Bott of the Hogarth Millennium Committe said, "Most people don't realise how much work goes into the finishing of a sculpture, after it has come out of the moulds."

Sculptor Jim Mathieson was present at the reinstallation of Hogarth but he must have had a few anxious moments when the lorry unloading the heavy bronze statue came within inches of causing the statue, and anything it hit serious damage.

Thankfully the statue is now firmly in place and is likely to become a well-known Chiswick landmark.

There will be one final fund-raising effort, to provide the extra £10,000 that is needed to pay for the Pug Dog. Donations are already coming in and anyone wishing to add their own gift towards the cost should make their cheque out to the "CTA Hogarth Millennium Fund" and send it to the Chiswick Traders' Association, 8 Heathfield Gardens London W4 4JY.



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