Chiswick studio at cutting edge of digital recording

Babyshambles use Metropolis' digital desk for debut album

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Founded 16 years ago, Chiswick’s Metropolis Studios, located in The Power House, is now Europe's largest independent recording facility and boasts five operating divisions.

Officially named by Music Week as one of the top 3 recording studios in the world producing huge selling UK albums, they recently embarked on a major upgrade and recently took delivery of a new ‘Digidesign ICON’ which, in lay man’s terms, is a high tech piece of equipment used for audio production.

Pete Doherty-fronted indie rockers Babyshambles’ forthcoming debut album marked the newly installed ICON’s first high profile project who will use the new digital desk for overdubs and pre-mixing.

John Goldstraw, Head of Technical Development at Metropolis, told

"We had the opportunity to do several films and needed a console that would suit this initial post-production work, and yet still complement our core music production business. With ICON, the typical reticence of bands to new technology is dissolving fast as they discover the massive power available at their fingertips. We've had very positive feedback from Black Eyed Peas for instance, and the desk is currently lined up for overdubs and pre-mixing for Babyshambles."

September 23, 2005