It was a very Chiswick affair on Pop Idol last night. The show that has gripped the nation over the last few weeks finished with our very own Ant and Dec presenting the title to ex-ArtsEd student Will Young.

Selected from over 10,000 hopefuls, Will's fine singing voice triumphed over the cutesy charm of Gareth Gates. In the largest television poll ever, both singers received over 4 million votes but with 53% Will emerged the winner. The decisive factor may have been the fact that many Chiswick people were made aware of Will's local connection through the forum and urged to vote for him. Then again this might have made no difference whatsoever but it's a nice thought.

Will's pop career will now be launched with the release of his new single "Ever Green". We are unable to confirm a rumour that it was originally entitled Turnham Green. He looks set to join the ranks of other pop stars with antecedents in Chiswick such as Pete Townshend, Roger Entwhistle, Kim Wilde and that bald bloke who used to be the drummer in Genesis.


Ex-ArtEd student Will

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