Snowman Slaughter in Chiswick Park

Council say sorry after workers kill off snowmen

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Hounslow Council has apologised for the actions of hard-hearted workmen who destroyed snowmen built by local children in Homefield Recreation grounds.

The weekend fall of snow had brought dozens of children and their parents out to local parks to have fun. One local resident said there were at least fifty snowmen plus igloos in the Homefield rec, which is off Chiswick Lane.

However on Monday morning council workmen were seen destroying the carefully- built snowmen who were at that stage melting anyway. The resident, who was walking her dog at the time, said one workman was using a saw, while another was kicking them down “ in case the grass was damaged”.

However, a spokesman for Hounslow Council said that there had not been any orders to knock down snowmen in the parks.

"Regretfully - and without valid reasons - two workers employed by our contractor decided themselves that this bizarre course of action was necessary.

"There has not been, nor should there be, any instruction to take any action of this kind.

"We apologise for their unwarranted actions, and have instructed all site staff to use their common sense and let people enjoy the snow in our parks as they are entitled to."

It is understood the workmen in question have been redeployed to non-snowman duties elsewhere. They reportedly received a frosty reception on their return to work.

February 7, 2012