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Premiership's Forssell claims hours of training on Chiswick's playing fields is key to his success


Mikael Forssell Currently on loan to Birmingham City from Chelsea, Mikael Forssell today revealed his relentless determination to become a true premiership star.  

During his days at Chelsea, the young Finn, desperate for extra training that was denied him by Coach Raneiri, could often be spotted struggling with a bag of balls and a stereo as he made his way down to the pitches near Chiswick Bridge.   

He explained, “If I had not played on the Saturday and I've got the Sunday off, then I might head off there for two hours, take my stereo with me and go through all my skills. I just like to be with the ball.   Sometimes the man there would tell me to go away, but I really loved being on my own. Football is the best thing in life for me. ”

On the subject of Ranieri he said, “ The Italians like everything to be controlled. ” Forssell said. “As a human being you have to develop yourself, but they'd hide the balls from me. It became a joke between us.”

This Scandinavia star hails from a renowned footballing family, his father played for Finland and his elder sister is currently Finland's most-capped player.   

In addition to speaking Finnish, Swedish and English, Forrsell is currently learning Spanish and Italian, suggesting perhaps where his long-term ambitions lie.   



February 21, 2004

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