Getting The Chiswick to you

The new free newspaper wants to hear from you about any distribution problems

Paul Sharpington, Regional Distribution Manager at Newsquest London, has invited users of to lodge their comments and complaints regarding The Chiswick’s distribution via this website.

He told us “we take pride in ensuring that the distribution of our newspapers is carried out in a professional and efficient manner. As far as we are concerned, that means delivery on the day of publication with all papers pushed completely through each letterbox.”

“Whenever a new product is launched there are always teething difficulties with the distribution. Therefore, if you experience any difficulties with any aspect of the distribution of The Chiswick, my department wants to know about it.”

In order for them to resolve any distribution issues, they will need your full address with postcode. To register a complaint either make a posting on the which will be regularly checked or contact Jane Palmer, Distribution Operations Manager at or on 020 8329 9361.

April 28, 2003

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