A controversial festival in Gunnersbury Park has been cancelled after strong protests from local people. The event was expected to attract 100,000 people over the May Bank Holiday weekend with a mixture of Play Station game displays, skateboarding, live music and a dance tent.

It had caused an outcry amongst local residents who were concerned about its scale and the possibility of noise. The fact that it was been marketed through the Sun newspaper and would feature two massive open air bars stoked opposition. One person commented on the forum, "we will have a predominantly male crowd of 100,000 Sun readers with easy access to drink descending on us in the May Bank Holiday. I'm sorry but I can't see how this could possibly be to our benefit."

Others felt that the event was a good idea given the lack of activities for young people in the area.

Cindi Keen, the Managing Director of the event organiser 2Converge claimed that the event was cancelled because of delays in construction at one of the parks entrances. She blasted local people opposed to the event saying that they were "ill-informed" and that serious problems would not occur. The argument that the event would not create a serious noise disturbance was slightly undermined by the event's own web-site which spoke of a "block-rocking sound system".

Local councillors have disputed that it was construction delays which brought about cancellation. They claim that the organisers lack of consultation and inability to give satisfactory answers to local peoples concerns made it impossible for the event to proceed.

A spokesman for CIP has suggested that the event will take place next Spring Bank Holiday. The organisers were to pay CIP £25,000 for the use of Gunnersbury Park.

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March 8th, 2004