Swimmer Stops Boat Race at Chiswick Eyot
Crowds at Corney Reach jeer protestor as he is taken ashore
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The University Boat Race had to be stopped today (April 7th) after a swimmer appeared in front of one of the crews by Chiswick Eyot.

The race marshall was forced to halt both crews after a man in a wet suit was narrowly missed by the oars of the Oxford crew. The man was taken ashore at Chiswick Pier where eye witnesses report that he received a hostile reception being booed by onlookers.

The race was neck and neck at that point and was restarted near Chiswick Eyot but soon afterwards a clash of led to one of the oars of the Oxford crew breaking allowing Cambridge to finish well ahead. A objection from Oxford was rejected and the result was ruled valid.

There was yet further drama when a member of the Oxford crew collapsed and need to be taken to hospital leading to muted celebrations from the winning crew.

April 7, 2012