Trenton Oldfield Gets Six Months Prison Sentence

For causing a public nuisance during the Boat Race

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Trenton Oldfield watching the Boat Race in 2007.


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Boat Race saboteur Trenton Oldfield has been given a six month prison sentence for causing a public nuisance. He was also ordered to pay £750 costs.

Oldfield, of Myrdle Street, East London, was found guilty at Isleworth Crown Court last month. He was sentenced today (October 19)

The self-styled anti-elitist swam into the path of the Oxford and Cambridge crews near Chiswick Eyot earlier this year causing the race to be delayed for half an hour.

He had said in court during his trial that he chose the Boat Race because most of the Government pushing through public spending cuts were Oxbridge graduates.

However it seems Oldfield did not always hold the same anti-establishment views. Pictured (on right) is Trenton Oldfield at a party near Chiswick, which was organised to watch the Boat Race in 2007.

He is pictured on the balcony which overlooks the river Thames. The person who held the party has confirmed that it was taken during the Boat Race five years ago.

One Chiswick local who knew him commented; "It seems that in previous times he was happy to be part of that same elite he then went on to criticise. He didn't have any problems accepting hospitality from those people then."

Oldfield had denied the charge but admitted to disrupting the race.

His trial had heard that his actions had put his own life at risk as he could have been killed if struck by an oar or by the metal rigging on one of the boats.

Oldfield had said that he chose the Boat Race because 70% of the Government pushing through public spending cuts which 'were worse than in Dickens' time', were Oxbridge graduates.

The race between Oxford and Cambridge Universities as being watched by millions of television viewers when he was seen to swim in the paths of the oncoming boats on April 7th.

Oldfield, supported in court by a throng of well-wishers, appeared surprised as Judge Anne Molyneux handed down the jail term.

The judge said Oldfield had acted dangerously, disproportionately, had not shown what he was actually protesting against, and displayed prejudice in sabotaging the event which Oldfield regarded as elitist.


October 19, 2012