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Rosamund Lupton joins Magnolia Road group in the Bull's Head


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Sitting in Chiswick cafes, scribbling in notebooks and tapping onto a laptop, was how award-winning new novelist Rosamund Lupton put together her best-selling first novel, “Sister” and her second book, “Afterwards”. 

Rosamund revealed her favoured setting for writing her intricately-plotted works, when she was the special guest of the Magnolia Road Book Club at their most recent meeting. 

The local author also explained how she had more than 20 pages open at a time on her laptop, to try to keep track of each layer of her story, each red-herring in the mystery of ‘whodunnit’, each character’s particular traits.

She also used a giant pin-board covered in arrows and post-it notes to keep the action moving and the tension held tight.  For advice on the medical thread running through her first novel, Rosamund spoke of consulting her own expert at home – her obstetrician husband, Martin.

Such was the impact of “Sister”, that Rosamund won numerous accolades including “Best Debut Novel 2011” and “Best Book” in the “Richard and Judy WH Smith Book Club”.  Her second novel “Afterwards” reached number two in the Amazon’s All Fiction list for 2011.  Having successfully completed her contract to write two novels, Rosamund told the book club meeting at the Bull’s Head pub in Strand-on-the-Green that she will next write not for commission but for herself, her own choice of literary direction, revelling in the freedom that her first works have won her.

March 2, 2012