Ten Green Commandments

Greentomato guidelines for the environmentally virtuous

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Local company Greentomato were asked to contribute to the recent Green Night held at St Michael and All Angels. For their 'turn' the environmentally friendly car company came up with Ten Green Commandments so good they just had to be shared with the rest of Chiswick:

The Ten Green Commandments

  1. There is just one planet earth - love and protect it. Remember that the world will survive without the human race, but the human race will not survive without the world.
  2. Thou shalt choose Green wherever practical and possible.
  3. Thou shalt understand that insulating thy dwelling and installing solar panels is a righteous act, but be not sanctimonious about it. Nor shalt thou fly off to the Caribbean to celebrate thy newfound Greenness.
  4. Thou shalt rediscover the beauty of the British Isles. The Lake District, Cornwall, Devon, The Highlands, the Brecon Beacons, our Green and pleasant land. Remember what is on thy doorstep before thou jumpest on a plane.
  5. Thou shalt not lie about thy Greenness. Do not pretend thou hast installed energy saving lightbulbs through the house when there is but one in the broom cupboard.
    Remember; there is more to being Green than changing a light bulb.
  6. Thou shalt badger thy MP and local councillors. Thou shalt demand that they honour their promises. Without government help and thy perseverance, the road to Green nirvana will be little trod.
  7. Thou shalt take oil companies’ pledges to the environment with a large pinch of salt. The Green bandwagon is much jumped upon — and off, once a purpose is served.
  8. Thou shalt not blame others for the world’s ills. Yea, India and China are growing, but in the Western World our per capita emissions are as much as five times theirs. We must lead by example. Once the benefits of Green ideas are seen the rest of the world will follow.
  9. Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s year-round tan, newest me-phone, ride-on lawnmower or 4x4. Thou shalt instead start energy-saving projects with thy neighbours, and restore a sense of community.
  10. Thou shalt feel good, but not smug, about what thou doest; and like a true disciple spread the good Green word.

greentomatocars– London’s environmentally friendly taxi service – was launched to great acclaim in March 2006. In December 2007 they launched their affordable home energy saving kit – the greentomatokit, and February 2008 saw their first operation abroad, with the start of greentomatocars Sydney, in Australia.

A spokesperson for the company told ChiswickW4.com, "Many people believe that being green means paying more or putting up with inferior products. At greentomato, we don’t agree. Our mission is to make the environment affordable and accessible to all, offering you ways of being kinder to the planet without sacrificing your standard of living and without it costing you more."


July 11, 2008